Automation is the use of control systems to control processes, reducing the need for human intervention. Putting this into context, automation is having technology do things for you so that you don’t have to

2 Way Ball Valve Electrical Actuator Operate

Electric actuators are used in the automation of industrial ball valves and can be found in almost every industry and every type of process plant.
They use a motor to drive an output shaft via a gearbox and in the basic on-off form, contain internal switches and controls that automatically stop the ball valve in the open and closed positions. They are either directly mounted to the ball valve or are fitted via a mounting kit.

3 Way / 4 Way / 5 Way Ball Valve Electrical Actuator Operated

This versatile, high performance multi-port ball valve offers solutions to mixing and diverting with various available flow patterns and end configurations. It can be maintained in-line, leaving the end pieces intact. The direct mount design makes automation easier and maintains a lower profile. This valve features the pyramidal stem design that is so effective in other Triac valve series. There are a myriad of end piece and flow pattern combinations.

Globe ValveMulti-Turn Electrical Actuator Operated

The actuators used to control the valves accurately position the valve in any position. Although most actuators are used to switch valves, today's actuators are designed to go far beyond simple switching functions. They include position sensing, torque sensing, electrode protection, logic control, digital communication And PID control module, and these devices are all installed in a compact enclosure.

Conductivity Transmitters

Conductivity measurement is a versatile tool in process control. The measurement is simple, fast and most advanced sensors require only a little maintenance. The measured conductivity reading can be used to make various assumptions on what is happening in the process. In some cases it is possible to develop a model to calculate concentration of the liquid. Concentration of pure liquids can be calculated when the conductivity and temperature is measured. The preset curves for various acids and bases are commercially available. Benefit of conductivity and temperature based concentration measurement is the superior speed of inline measurement compared to on-line analyzer.

Gas Pressure Switches

Our gas switches monitor natural or LP gas pressure and are designed to cut off the electrical control circuit when pressure rises above or drops below the desired preset limit. Accurate and reliable, models are available in numerous settings, types, and enclosures.

Timer Units

Used for the control of the cycle times of solenoid valves. Up to four different switching time cycles can be set up. The controller is plugged onto the tag connector of the solenoid valve using the integrated instrument socket according to DIN 43650 Form A. The setting of the program and the cycle times is carried out using DIP switches and potentiometers

Temperature Sensor Switch w/display

This intelligent sensor/switch with an extra-large display is specifically designed to switch a valve and to establish a monitoring system or an ON/OFF control loop. Compact and wall versions are available. The wall-mounted version must be inserted into a holder previously mounted on a wall, and it must be associated with a remote temperature sensor. The switching points can be programmed with the 3 key pads or optionally, with input 4...20 mA, from an external PLC over a 4...20 mA loop. As an option, the process value can additionally be transmitted to the PLC (4...20 mA). The connection of the 8400 to the process in the piping is made using standard fittings.

Vibrating Level Switches

A vibrating level switch for liquids, using a tuning fork for level detection. It is designed for industrial use in areas of process technology and can be used in liquids. Typical applications are overfill or dry run protection. The small tuning fork (40 mm of length) allows theuse in vessels, tanks and pipes. Due to the simple and rugged measuring system, the 8110 is virtually unaffected by the chemical and physical features of the liquid. It works even under unfavourable conditions such as turbulences, air bubbles, foam generation, buildup or varying products.

Pressure Transmiter w/out display

Pressure transmitter is designed to cover the majority of industrial applications in the field of industrial pressure measurement technology. High accuracy, compact design, robust construction and flexibility makes this pressure transmitter a reliable option.

Pressure transmiter switch w/display

This intelligent mini transmitter/switch with an extra-large display is specially designed to switch alarms and to establish a monitoring system or an On/Off control loop. The switching points can be programmed with the three-key keypad under the display. In addition, the process value can be transmitted to the PLC (4-20 mA). The connection to the process in the piping is made using standard fittings (G1/2, NPT1/2,Rc1/2).